Mapping X12_4010_850 to IDOC4


I want to know can we map X12_4010_850 record to IDOC4 record. If yes then how should i go about. My requirement is to map EDI(X12 4010 850 std.) to IDOC. Please help.


You can either use the WmEDI package to parse the EDI document and then map it to your IDOC. You will have to know which are the matching fields in these documents and do a corresponding mapping. This is perfectly doable and not very hard.
Please let me know how it goes.


a) Download the X12_4010_850 schema from the download center if you dont have it.

b) Create the corresponding document type/ record in webMethods.

c) Download the IDOC4 schema from and create the corresponding webMethods record/document type. The other option is to use the Enterprise SAP ALE adapter and create the Enterprise document type and create the corresponding IS record/document type.

d) As for the mapping itself is concerned, you will be required to loop over the GS record list and then over the ST record list in the GS and perform the mapping from each of the ST to the output IDOC structure. Before performing the loop you may want to map the header level (ISA) information.

Hope that helps.