Mapping values from a struct data type to document

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement, map the values to a document from a Struct data type from a JDBC adapter.
It is a store procedure from where the output will be a Struct data type.
Can some one help me how can i proceed with coding.
Do i need to use any java service ?

webMethods version 9.5

Can you provide more details, any screen shots would help. Also attached the output results of your SP.

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the quick reply, Our webMethod flow service invokes a store procedure(SP) and this SP will return a out with the data type struct. Details as below:

StoreProcedure with out signature
Param JDBC Type is STRUCT
Param Name : P0_Data
Param Type: INOUT
OutPut Name: PO_Data
OutPut Type: Java.sql.Struct

My requirement is, i need to extract the values from the SP out put and map to a document.
I have the object offset sequence which i got from the SP body.
Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks well in advance.


Can some one please post some solutions ASAP… Thanks for understanding !!!

Hi Shyam,

can you try to change the Output Type of the AdapterService to something different than java.sql.Struct?

If this is possible, it might become easier to map the data.


Do you have a drop down to change the output type to any other type other than struct? Also can you attach the output of the SP adapter service (make sure the results are capture in your SS)

Hoping you are on the latest fix levels of JDBC adapter. You may also share the sample SP so that I can check from my end and update you with more details.