Mapping record lists to record lists in Integration Server 4

I’m trying to map strings from one record list to another record list, but can’t seem to get it to work the way I’d like it to.

I set up a loop, with the inarray and outarray being set up to the records, Looking at the map, they now appear as single records. From my understanding, that’s how it should be done. I map the strings, and it doesn’t behave as expected.

My end result is a list of pointers to records(?) that show up in the results tab as having the value of “[;@2b361d” (The address is made up here, but varies.)

If I just map across without a loop, I get no results, if I add in a loop, but put no “outarray” then I wind up with only the last record in the list being mapped. Both of those things make sense.

Please, tell me I’m an idiot, and I missed something obvious!

Loop over the first Record List and on each iteration extract the desired data into a temp variable of type Record. The temp record should match the structure of the output Record List. Then call appendToRecordList with the temp record as the ‘from item’.

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I found a thread at that addresses the problem. I’ve gone with the “temp record” approach, and it worked like a charm.

Sounds like you’re in good shape with the temp record and appendToList approach. That’ll work fine, but here’s an official tip on the quirk you bumped into:

When building a LOOP step, be sure to specify the out-array variable in the LOOP properties before linking (mapping) to the out-array variable in the body of the LOOP. If you link to the out-array variable first, and then specify that variable as the out-array, the links will appear to be correct but will fail at runtime. If this occurs, the workaround is, to delete the links and recreate them.

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I appreciate your advice.Thats cool…