Mapping compiled java classes onto nodes in Webmethods developer

I have compiled set of classes and source code written in java.I want to map them to a new package in Webmethods developer. How an i do it?
Is there any tool which will oslve this purpose.?


Not sure what you mean by “map them to a new package”.

The easiest way to access custom java functionality is to create a java archive (jar) file containing your custom java classes and place that jar in the webMethods IS classpath by copying it into webm_home/IntegrationServer/lib/jars and restarting the server.

After restarting the server, create a new java service and add an import statement that references your custom package or a class in that package.


Create a new javaservice in the Developer and copy the source code and save it for compile.

If you already have custom java classes, create a jar file and put them in webMethods6\IntegrationServer/lib/jars folder then you can access the new methods in Developer.

Note:You need to use webMethods IS Java API in order for java source for successful compile.