Mapping abstract *doctype fields


I have created a consumer WSD from a wsdl, and the response contains a document type called “Medium” which contains just one field : *doctype, which is defined as a string and in the pick list choice I have 2 possible values. These values are actually references to other documents types (Email, Phone) created when I imported the wsdl.

Now I need to map this response to a canonical document.

First question is, how can I modelize this in my canonical document type in Designer ?

Second question is, can I map directly the response to my canonical document, assuming that the name of the other fields in the document match ?

Thanks a lot for all your help,


Hi Francois,

I am not sure if this got solved in the meantime, but some time ago wM hat difficulties when importing WSDL/XSD, which contain choices. They were not represented correctly in the resulting DocType.
They were represented as a sequence with all elements being optional.

Even if all choices were missing the document instance was considered valid.
You will have to add a custom validation for this.

Beside of this restriction you should be able to map the complete document to your canonical representation.
But not only the names should match, the types should be compatible too otherwise you will loose data.