MAP not being done on runtime?


This is kindda frustrating since it’s so trivial, but I’m being unable to get info from a document elements, which have info on runtime but acts as if the map wasn’t even defined nor existed. I’m getting this doc from processing a SOAP message. I get the node (body), validate it (isValid=true), and then proceed with the xmlNodeToDocument (solely specifying the nsDecl and the node - adding the docType and makeArrays to false doesn’t change a bit the outcome), and then I map ‘document’ to the structure I’d defined. So far so good, since I trace throught the code and at this point the node parses out just fine and the info exists within the structure.
From here it gets pretty frustrating since no matter what I try, I can’t get any of the values from the elements on that structure and that eventually, as you could imagine, makes some function crash since no values are provided. I’ve been working for several projects with the same approach with no concerns but now I’m stuck with a series of services which are behaving like this…
Does it make any sense to some of you? I’m unable to get even a value from any of the elements, it doesn’t event list the mapped variable with a null or empty string value, it just doesn’t appear on the results panel.
Any light someone could mercifullesly shed on this would be highly appreciated… :smiley: Thanks!

Hi Brian,

Firstly pardon me if you had already done this debugging. If so then please ignore this.:slight_smile:

While step-tracing stop right after the xmlToDoc service and mapped ‘docuemnt’ to the struncture. Now in the results panel, choose one of those disappearing variables and copy and paste it to a notepad, remember copy the variable path not the value. This is your runtime variable. Now open your document in editor and locate the same variable in the document and copy/paste its path to the notepad. Now compare them both. There might be some differences in their structures.

If there are diffs then it is due to the document level mapping. No matter what might be the structure of you document but it will be overwritten by the structure of ‘document’.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Suren, couldn’t get back to you earlier…
I didn’t go through your suggestion since I started all over and it worked… I remember checking the structure on runtime vs the one defined on design time, though something might have slipped… I ended up assuming the code might had been corrupted while saving on a server crash (it happened twice although not sure it corrupts services like it did on earlier versions) and since the same code was cloned as a base for the other services, the issue might had passed over to them… not sure by now, but I appreciate your feedback…