Manual Task in Error handler for Callable sub process

Dear BPM Experts,
We have a scenario and need expert opinions. Its for webM 9.5 version

  1. Main Process and Callable child process
  2. Callable Child process has error handler where we create manual task to ask user whether to resubmit the process or end the process.
    a) If Resubmit - invoke Monitor service to resubmit failed step in child process and terminate step (failed).
    b) If End - no action in service and execute terminate step (failed).

Now the problem is:

  1. For 2.a point , though IS Service resubmits failed step successfully . still it completed its error handler flow and gives call back to the main process. how to avoid call back to main process once error handler flow completes?
  2. Since callable child process has Start none event , how to implement correlation ?


  1. We want manual task in case of failure and also post completion process must start where the step failed as each step has critical data and external applications call.

Hi Rohit,

Can you kindly share what error you are seeing in child callable process. Also if possible can you share your model to better understand the flow and the issue.


We don’t see any errors in process but our expectations is different then current behavior.

Let’s take an example

  1. In Child process, SednAQSTransToAPPS Step fails
  2. Error Handler is executed
    a) Manual Task is created
    b) User selects option to resubmit in the task
    c) task completes and execute service - ‘ResubmitFailedPublish’
    d) this service internall executes Monitor Service to resubmit failed step.
    e) Terminate step executes

Now the problem is after 2.e , it gives call back to main problem at gateway step which should not happen as child process is still running and in started stage now.

Expected solution:- After task completion , call should not go back to main process until it completes.


It sounds like issue in your design. Kindly check once again your code.