Managing integration failures

We have an integration scenario where we are reading from a Flat FIle using Flat FIle Adapter.
Each record in the file is read and a docment is published.

The subscribing integration component, processes the data and based on some business logic it updates the data in an Oracle table using Oracle Adapter. We are trapping errors when processing the document - but we dont know how to log the document which did not get processed and failed to be updated in oracle table. The business scenario requires, some master data to be maintained in the oracle application before the errorneous documents can be reprocessed. How to log the document and resubmit it at a later point of time ?

Regards and thanx in advance,


You have to use either ATC or Logger adapter to log data in to log tables. You can refer the manuals to know how they they fit in to your design.

I suggest for Logger adapter. Based on the error you can decide to process or just log the data, all in where you place the log operation in the integration component.