Manager Server resources


According to documentation, WM recommends running manager server on a dedicated host and also running controller on a dedicated host. I am interested in knowing how people are deploying various components of webM manager to manage production environments. How about DB components? Is it really necessary to have one DB user for each of the sub components? Is it necesarry to define all 6 table spaces as mentioned in the documentation?

In the dev environment, we deployed all the components on same machine and created all database components in the one database. We are planning to move to monitor testing and pre-prod environments in near future and eventually monitor production components.


As long as you can afford having different host to run Manager, Controller and IntegrationServer it will be better to follow webMethods recommendation.

For Manager Server all depend on the number of Managed objects (and attributes for each objects) you plan to manage.

For DB components, for a development environment you may have a single user for all your DB components even if it is not so much clean !
For production it is totally unsafe to do this. Moreover the recommendation is to have separate database server for specific DB components (have a look in database guide).

The same assumption make sense for tablespaces, it is not necessary to create the 6 tablespaces as mentioned in the document but it is cleaner and you can use the wizard to create them.

For production, you’d rather define specific tablespaces for each DB component in order to have a separate view of data consumption of each of the components.


Thanks Djibril for your input.