Mainframe report text file question

Is it possible to use wm EDI to parse a mainframe style 32 column text file report?

There is a header 2 different types of detail lines from which we need to extract data.

Our current system uses a tool called Monarch ( to parse the file, but we would like remove this step from the process.

Art Kayne


You could use the wm EDI package but you may be better off using the WmFlatFile package. You would need to create a flat file schema that describes your input file and use the appropriate services to massage the data.


I am trying to parse the mainframe punch file which is of fixed length of 400 characters. I have created the flatfile Dictionary and schema. I am using the schema to parse the flatfile which contains the multiple records each of length 400 characters. while parseing using the Test tab on the Flatfile Editor from the developer, I am able to get only the first record parsed successfully. All the remaining records are not parsed and I get the “recordWithNoID” for the number of records in the flatfile.

Could you please tell me how can I solve this problem.