Mainframe Integeration in 7.1.2

Hi Team,

We have our webMethods 4.6 version interactin with a Mainframe application using the below tools:

a.) webMethods Mainframe 4.6
b.) webMethods Entrprise Mainframe Adapter 4.6
c.) webMethods Mainframe Developer Plugin 4.6
d.) webMethods Mianframe package 4.6.

Can some one please let me know what are the components that we need to updgrade the application to 7.1.2.
Please correct me in the below list if i am wrong .

a.) webMethods Mainframe IS 7.1.2
b.) webMethods Mainframe Adapter for 7.1.2
c.) webMethods Mainframe Developer for 7.1.2

Please advise me at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.

Ragav J

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