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I lost my e-mails in my inbox of Microsoft Outlook, after
I setuped my mail adapter in NT 4.0. Anyone knows why?

You haven’t given us too much information as to what you exactly did, but I can guess what happened.

The emails in your Microsoft Outlook Inbox is actually stored on a MS Exchange Server. If this is an incorrect assumption you can probably ignore the rest of what I am writing. You might also be using a pop server with outlook configured to not remove emails from the server.

When you configured the mail adapter you configured it with the information of your mail account and your mail server (the MS exchange server or pop server). Somehow you configured an operation to retrieve mail on the configured adapter and put it into and integration component. The first time the adapter started up it went to see if there were any emails at the server. When it found them it downloaded them and I assume the default behavior is to remove emails that have been downloaded. This is why your emails are gone, I am guessing. Whatever you decided to do with the emails in your integration component would determine what happened with your emails. Most likely they weren’t saved.

If you are using MS Exchange, your admin should be able to restore a backup of your account. At least you’ll be able to recover some emails.

Andreas Amundin