Lost service

When saving a service in the SAP Business Connector 4.6 developer the server crashed and now after a re boot the service flow is empty. The flow.xml file and the node.ndf files are still in the file system. Is there any way to restore the service so it shows up in the developer.

Does the content of the flow.xml file look correct? If so a package reload or the server restart should have restored the service definition to the contents of the flow.xml.

If the flow.xml contents does not look good or is empty the previous version of the flow.xml is in a .bak file in the service directory, so you can overwrite the flow.xml with that version and just lose the changes since the last save. You must do this from the file system.


Thanks , The flow.xml file is incomplete and the flow.xml.bak file is not being updated with the save. It only has a flow version in it.