Looping over document list - help needed

Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone can provide help as to how to handle the following in Webmethods, as this particular scenario I have not performed before and I seem to be stuck for some reason.

Let’s say that I have two document lists.

Reading your description, that by the way, was very good, I couldn’t believe how you cannot do it (unless I misunderstood something). As I said your own description says it all! :slight_smile:

You only need 2 nested loops (one to loop each document) and a few branches to verify your conditions. You loop the first document till you find the stuff you are looking for, when it happens, a branch activates the nested loop over the other documented and if the values is found, bingo, you map the thing as you wonderfully said!

Hope I’ve helped, cheers!

Only 2 nested loops are required. First loop over