Looping issue with EI

I am running into an issue that looks like a bug in EI but am wondering if anyone else has seen this and has figured out a way around it. Here is what is happening.

I have a Select operation that returns multiple records. I then have a loop step which loops over each of the returned records and performs another Select which returns multiple records. I map these to an output step and the code appears to generate correctly.

For the second select EI creates a multidimensional array to store the results. This appears to be correct. What is happening is EI doesn’t initialize this array properly. It inserts the following line.

CustomSQLSELECTContactMethodStep = new CustomSQLSELECTContactMethodOperation$out[loopStep$limit];

Which is only a single array and produces a compile error stating that it can convert CustomSQLSELECTContactMethodOperation$Out to CustomSQLSELECTContactMethodOperation$Out.

Anyone have a clue???