Invalid Unbounded Array

I’m attempting to expose a legacy Natural subprogram as a .NET web service. I’ve used the IDL to generate .NET C# code and I’ve copiled it into an assembly, however, when I try and execute the generated code I receive “Invalid Unbounded Array” at the service.Send method. Can anyone help me out on this? I’ve attached the IDL and generated C# code. Also, below is the code I’m using to call the generated code.

SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.SendInfo sendInfo =
new SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.SendInfo();
SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.I00013n1In inParms =
new SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.I00013n1In();

        SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.I00013n1Out outParms;
        SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Generated.i00013n1.Groups.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId.ErrorOut errorOut;

        sendInfo.ClientId = "1jg";
        sendInfo.ClientUserId = "test";
        sendInfo.LocalHost = "testbox";

        inParms.CBillId = 5;
        inParms.MaxRecCnt = 10;
        Broker broker = new Broker("xxxxxx.AFG:18161");
        Service service = new Service(broker, "RPC/NATT10SV/CALLNAT", "SERVRLIB");
        BillingServices billingService = new BillingServices(service);
        billingService.BillDetailBrowseByCBillId(sendInfo, inParms, out outParms, out errorOut);


i00013n1.txt (2.04 KB)
i00013n1.cs.txt (8.49 KB)

It is a bug not a feature.
C# Templates were wrong if you use variable Arrays.

Take the Hotfixes for Eclipse EXX734 or EXX80.