Looping a RecordLIst within a Record Help

Hi. I am using a loop statement to perform mappings on a RecordList which is held within a parent Record. When I try to access the parent Record after the loop it appears as a RecordList. This is causing problems. Is there any way to a) convert the parent Record back to it’s original non-List format or b) to do the looping diferently so it does not affect the parent Record.

Hope someone can be of help. This is frustrating!

Many thanks,


Mark, try setting the LOOP out-array to the target RecordList. You will know that you have done this properly because in your MAP step, the target RecordList will appear as a singular Record in your Flow.

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Dan,

My in-array and out-array is:


Where: /dataRecordsOut = Parent Record
/header = Record List.

I am looping on the /header to do some basic transformations but want the original Record/RecordList structure intact. Currently /dataRecordsOut becomes a RecordList.

Can you still help?


Do not use the /dataRecordsOut/header in the outarray.

If your intention is to do some mapping on the header while looping and still have it in the recordlist.

While you are looping map to some record outstruct and have this as outarray and outside the loop you can use this
outstruct as record list,and perform further processing by mapping it to /dataRecordsOut/header .

Hopefully this helps.