loop over loop mapping issue 7.1.2 version


I am using wm 7.1.2 version and facing a development issue.

Have a documentList on which I am looping over, but in the map under the loop that node is still seen as a list instead of Document List.

This is the structure I have

SP - DocList
–sub - doc
----claims - DocList
----dep - docu
------claims - Doclist

The code I wrote is as below:

Loop over SP
do mappings… ----> Works Fine
loop over SP/sub/claims
do mappings ----> Works Fine
loop over SP/sub/dep/claims
do Mappings ----> Issue, in developer (Development mode) , the path shows as docList under the loop SP/sub/dep/claims, but run time shows a single instance of SP/sub/dep/claims in pipeline.

Has anyone seen this kind of issue? How to handle this.

One thing I noticed is if I put a new map step, the pipeline in shows docList, but pipeline out shows document… This is weird.

Found that this is the product bug that needs a Fix installed.


Issue solved within "IS_7.1.2_CL_Fix15"Other way to workaround was to use repeat…

good deal and thanks for the forum update: