loop flow & output data


I am a starter with the webM development and I am looking to understand how it’s designed to work.
I am creating a basic flow that should return all the schedulers and their state:


  • no pipeline in
  • pipeline out: ‘taskIDs’ (String List)

Loop over ‘/taskIDs’
Input array ‘/taskIDs’
Output array ‘/tasksDetails’

pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo ( in the loop )


taskID ( last one )
the details for the last taskID that was processed
taskIDs ( the string array with all the ID’s)
taskDetails will all the taskdetails[*] null’s

Using debug mode I can see that the loop goes through all the tasks but the output array is blank.

Please assist with this issue.
Thank you.


Hi Codrin,

create a DocumentType “tasksDetails” with the fields being returned by getTaskInfo.

Before the loop create a pipeline variable of type DocumentList and reference to the created DocType.
Use “Set” functionality to initialize as empty list.
In the invoke step of getTaskInfo map to fields under the document instance tasksDetails.

Remember to drop the variables of getTaskInfo invocation (taskID and the output fields in the last step of the loop as they are only valid inside the loop anyway even when shown in Designer on further steps.

Define the DocumentList as an Output variable for the service if you intend to use in further processing.


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I managed to make it work and to understand some of the functionality of the flow.

Thank you for your reply.

I know that the following question is out of this topic but I would like not to open another threat:

I’ve created a rest v2 resource that points to my service and has access only to the GET method.

When I call the rest service in the browser ( http://ishost:5555/restv2/myservice/ ) i get the details that the service should output, but is using the IS html in the background. ( imagine that you go into IS > packages > package service > run service with / without inputs… is the same style of output )

What do I have to do to make the output xml / json ?
( i’ve tried with rest v2 api and didn’t mange to make it work )

thank you.