LOOP deletes previous mappings

Hello all,

i have another nonexplainable issue about records.

I have:
input: record A
output: record B

Problem: after some simple MAP flow steps I have a LOOP flow step which deletes my previous mappings. I LOOP on a list of the input record A.

any ideas?

Is your simple map flow steps inside the record A loop or outside?
Do this ,Step thru each instance of loop,and check whether maps are being dropped at some point or overwriting each time.


yes, i map from record A to record B, the maps dissapear just at the moment of the first map in the LOOP

I assume recordA,recordB are recordists.
Initialize the recordB before loopstep,
So are you setting Loop (inarray=recordA)(outarray=recordB) and mapping the records?

please elaborate your mapping logic,so that response will be accurate.