Lookup Tables

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I am new to Wmethods. I need to use lookup tables. I have to extrac6t the data from XML document and based on the result look in the lookup table and get the correct response. I have to loop over keys in the lookup table I guess.
I am not sure where exactly to start from.
Can somebody post a flow service to use lookup table.
Any help on this will be apprecited.
I need the help urgently for completing the work.

Thank you in Advance

RMG or anybody please help.

The most common way of doing this is to configure a selectSQL adapter service.

Take a look at page 75 of the JDBC Adapter user’s guide.
It’s located at ${SERVER_ROOT}/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/doc

You will need to configure a JDBC connection in the Integration Server Administrator before you create the adapter service.

You can test your new adapter service stand-alone without a flow service to verify that it gives you the desired results. Just click the green arrow in the toolbar.

Welcome and have fun.

Thanks Mark,

I did configure the adopter service and did test it stand alone. Its running fine.

What next please?


The next step is to invoke the adapter service from a flow service. Add an invoke step to your flow service and browse to your new adapter service.

You will provide the substitution variable(s) as service inputs in the same way that you typed in the values when you ran the service standalone.

The results will be in the service output.

Thanks Mark will do the same.

The situation is I have to extract information from incomeing XML service and then based on the result use the lookup table for appropriate output for the service input. The results after looking in the lookup table is inserted into database tables.

Any Comments please.

That should not be a problem. All you need to do is to give the necessary input from the XML Service to the Adapter service for it to make a look up. All that you got to do is to configure a SelectAdapter Service that takes the required input and gives you the desired output and pass on the out put of the XML service to AdapterServices as input.

You should be good to go. One of the nicer aspects of the webMethods flow development environment is that it supports experimenting with small bits of functionality, and stepping through your services and seeing the intermediate results.

For traditional developers, it seems a little goofy at first. After a few weeks, it starts to grow on you.

Thanks Vijay and Mark wil try to do the same.

Any comments appreciated guys.

Just because flow programming is a different paradigm, don’t forget all the good habits you’ve developed with other programming tools.

The GEAR docs are a great place to start. (You can get them on Advantage) Keep thinking about small, re-useable services, a test plan, and developing to make your solution easy to support. Document as you go.

Although there are different opinions on this, my recommendation is to always avoid point-to-point interfaces by using the Broker as a message hub between message producers and consumers.