lookup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Odata in webMethods 10.3


I need to make lookup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and I have to use Odata version 4 for this. I use webMethods 10.3

What is the best way to do this?

Kind regards Mikael

Hi Mikael,

Can you clarify if you’re connecting to Dynamics 365 CRM or are you connecting to Dynamics 365 ERP(previous version is Dynamics AX 2012)? For SAG, they’ve a product called CloudStreams server, where you can install cloud connector that runs on SOAP/REST/OData API depending on what interfaces are available. Please take note that this is an additional product, and it might not come out of the box with the package your company has purchased upfront. Please check with your account manager if you’ve license to it, if not you may have to purchase additional license in order to use it. Also they do have the generic OData V2 or V4 connectors that you may use to connect to those endpoints utilizing OData API and not available as standalone connectors in the following page.

For more info, please refer to the connectors at

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Hi MIke

thaks for your answer. I am connecting to Dynamics 365 ERP.
I would however prefer a solution, where we dont have to make additional purchases from SAG.

Kind regards Mikael

Have you considered web methods.io iPAAS? This product has out of box support for MS Dynamics 365 connector and you can use the workflow/recipes to implement your business processes. This is not available on the on premise side of webMethods.

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Just in case you need this.

Here is the IPAAS doc link info- specific for the MS Dynamics 365 Connector:



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Thanks for your answers Mike.
Another question: do you know of a way to parse the Odata response to xml in webMethods? I imagine, that I shall build a dynamic url containing the GET values and use a REST call to the Odata service and then I need to handle the Odata response message

Kind regards Mikael