Looking for "out of the box" ready LWM2M device for Cumulocity

Hey there,

I am looking for an easy method to test the LWM2M API in Cumulocity.

So far I have a Raspberry Pi with the Sense HAT.
But it does only support Communication via (MQTT) a TCP protocol.

I would like to try to bring a device with LWM2M in function, but I am not a Software-developer.

Does someone have a RasPi compatible script or programm which uses LWM2M?
Or does anyboy know of a device which is cumulocity compatible and already has implemented LWM2M?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Edward,

You can give a try to IOWA from IoTerop github.
You have support for multiple platforms.including linux.
It has been tested with Cumulocity for smart metering.