Looking at Documents in Adapter Queue

We are using Webmethods to synchronize data between a Sybase database and a Siebel environment. We are upgrading the Siebel environment from Version 6 to Version 7.5. As such, we needed to configure a new Siebel 7.5 adapter, but still wanted to retain(but disable) the old Siebel 6 adapter - at least in out test environments. I have modified all(at least I though I had) of the integrations to point to the new adapter.
However We still are getting documents going into the queue for the old adapter. Is there any way to look at documents in the queue - to determine where they are coming from?

your adapter might be disable but the client group that the adapter is associated to could still retain the subscription of a set of documents. if this is true, the broker would put the document to the client queue. this the idea of guarantee delivery. remove the doc subscript from the client group would stop it. bring up the broker monitor should show you the who sent the doc and who received the doc.

i remember that there is a queue viewer somewhere in this website that allows you to view doc in a client queue.

so how are you doing Bill?

HELP!?! At least 3 months ago, I downloaded some software that let me look at the documents in the queues of an enterprise server broker. Now I can’t find this software. Do you know where I can find it?

Thanks in advance.

  • Mike

Hi Michael, here is a Java client you can use to view documents in a queue. It’s not pretty but it works.

You can run this class file with the following command from the command

java QueueCheck <broker_host>:<port> <broker_name> <clientgroup_name>

This displays the contents of the queue on the console. You can route this output to a txt file by appending the following to the above command:
> output.txt

Note: This java client needs ‘client50.jar’ in the classpath.



webMethods Queue checker
QueueCheck.java (2.3 k)

The Queue Manager software is available at www.visualintegrator.com

Hello Wayne,

I am unable to open the QueueCheck.java. Can you please attach the file again?

Thanks in advance.


Not able to download java file posted. Please post it again.