Logon issues , .bashrc for SAG versus other users

I’m Wondering how other Natural Linux installations using the bash shell have their .bashrc setup. We have been using the userid SAG to login to Linux, and all works fine. Now that we’re setting up different userid’s and with that, also creating different .bashrc scripts(files?), now we’re not able to get logged into Natural. Changing the ‘sag’ entries in the path statements in the .bashrc with different userid doesnt work, this gives us “NATURAL startup error 39: Unable to find NATDIR and/or NATVERS environment variable- snip” I know that all SAG products reside in the SAG path, how do I setup another .bashrc file for non SAG user? How do other Natural/Linux shops using bash have their .bashrc’s setup?
** Update ** Under Installing Natural Security under Linux **
I did read where I needed to update the .profile with . $SAG/sagenv
and I did that according to the docs:
“Enter the following command line in the .profile file of each user who will use this environment permanently: $SAG/sagenv”
now receiving “SAG lic not found”
Probably another environment variable that needs to be set… or permissions, :roll:

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know, if you are a Linux expert or not. So sorry, if I tell you things you already know.

The thing with .profile only works …

  1. … if $SAG is set before calling $SAG/sagenv
  2. … if the script sagenv is called with dot+space. Like this:
. $SAG/sagenv

The dot and the space is mandatory. It forces Linux not to create a subshell for the following command.

Mathias, I’m no expert in linux that’s for sure, just trying to figure all this out. I was a mainframe natural programmer for about 5 years before becoming a dba.
I appreciate the response, and will look at our .bashrc and .profile to see if we’ve got them setup like you show above.
I’m pretty sure that each userid created will need it’s own .profile,
but what about .bashrc, does each userid need it’s own .bashrc as well?
I’m still a little confused about what’s required and more importantly what works.
Does linux read the .profile first or the .bashrc, guess I need to read up on the linux O/S also.

From the bash man page:

Ah yes, the man (manual) pages,
Thanks Curtis