i am new to webmethods ,i have a requirement where i have to authenticate the username and password from ldap configured.
I have created login page in a portlet which is authenticating ldap and used the same in login page rule to set as default login page for mws administrator. But even after i have called the page in “login page rule” its asking for default credentials i.e(sysadmin and manage) to proceed.
please help me if anyone had faced the same.

thanks and regards,

I’m curious why you are creating custom login portlets and what that portlet is doing? My guess is that MWS hasn’t authenticated anyone, so MWS doesn’t know who the user is.

Can the user login with the Out-of-the-box Login Portlet? If so, that means that you’ve properly configured the LDAP server.

If you want a custom look and feel for a login portlet, that’s fine, but you should take care to perform the same type of HTML Post that the login portlet does. Just have a look at the rendered html to see how that portlet posts credentials.