Login to dsp page required after deployment


I have a problem trying to let a dsp page have anonymous access. It works fine on the development server but when the package containing the page is deployed to the production server login is required there.

I have modified the .access file to include all pages and all of them have the Anonymous ACL also all flows called by the pages have “Execute ACL” set to Anonymous, inherited from the folder.

The Anonymous ACL includes the Default user.

I read in page 161 in the webMethods_Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide_6.5.pdf (chapter “Removing ACL Protection from a File”) that to remove the ACL from a file you have to restart the server!?

Is it possible that to activate the changes in the .access file in this case I have to restart the whole production server?

Thanks in advance

Hi Margreta

I did not understand if after the restart the problem is solved. But for your question I think so.

So reloading only the package does not help?

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Hi mourao,

This problem is solved now, it was actually because an older version that did not have these changes was being deployed, not the newest one.

So just forget my last posting, thanks for the reply though :).