Hello all,

I would like to know if someone can provide a definetly explanation of the various logging that can be performed with an adapter. Please do not answer, logging error, states, data recovery, etc. This is written in english in the both the training manual and user guide. Specifically, I would like to know what kind of logging is performed as well as the flow of the logging process. Eg. when logging recovery data, is the log information updated or are new documents simply inserted over the other ones. When is a clean up of completed documents performed (again not an anser of when the integration terminates), what I want here is what signals the end of the integration. This can includes canonical being published or any other form of messaging.

My reason for asking this is that while we all want to be able log our errors and at times be able to recover, it is important not to go over the broker’s limit. And for large volume, large transactions, this can be quite problematic. Eg. When all hell breaks loose and everything starts to bottle up.

Thank you,

Kristopher R. Kycia