Logger Adapter

I have created 2 brokers in the same ES, (ie. AaBroker, BbBroker).

Created 2 loggerAdapter , (ie. AaLoggerAdapter BbLoggerAdapter).

Have linked AaLoggerAdapter to the AaBroker,
BbLoggerAdapter to BbBroker.

Both have the same configuration parameters, except for the broker part, but both pointing to the same Logging tables (ie. ent_activation, etc).
My first loggerAdapter (AaLoggerAdapter) is working, but my 2nd loggerAdapter (BbLoggerAdapter) keeps prompting ‘Invalid’.

Have tried to delete and create the BbLoggerAdapter several times, but yet, it’s still ‘invalid’.

Please advise.
Could this problem be arising b’cos 2 loggerAdapters cannot point to the same table, in the same database?

Please don’t post the same message in multiple forums. It is not necessary.

Having said that, you may want to consider re-posting this message in on the threads in the Enterprise Broker forum as that is where the experts on ES (and the logger adapter) hang out and subscribe to threads.