Locked out of Intergration Server 4.6 on solaris

I’m working on a new server installation and have somehow disabled the Administrator ID or the access to the port . I believe this occurred when I was experimenting with the ‘Set Access mode to deny by default’ in the Administrator Manager Security > Ports > Edit Access Mode . How can I revert back to the original setting of ‘Allow by default’?


Do like this:

Shut down the server (kill -9 ) end then open up the file <IS_Install_Dir>/config-port.cnf.

Look for the records element with the name corresponding to the port in question (usually HTTPListener@5555). Now find the child element value with attribute name=“default”. The contents of this element will be “exclude-all” in your case. Change this to “include”, save and start the server.



exclude-all HTTPListener@5555 include FTPListener@8021


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> include HTTPListener@5555 include FTPListener@8021

You can “hack” the ports file in the Integration Server’s config directory.

Assuming you have permission to write that file that is :wink:


Go to your $WM_HOME/config dir and open the file port.cnf. You will see list of ports configured for IntegrationServer and then change xmltag (the port you want to access the admin console) from
exclude to