Location of programs called


I’ve a problem with a CALL statement. I need to execute a cobol with some parameters, but i cant find in which path i need to put the compiled cobol :oops: . I’m getting NAT0920 error when i execute.

Check for the existing of ‘COBPATH’.

I set the COBPATH variable, but i keep throwing tha NAT0920 error.

Assuming you built the jump table (http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/natural/nat635unx/sm/call.htm) and are calling the COBOL object from a ‘c’ routine, are you logging any errors?

I see your point. You’re talking about make an user exit, a kind of wrapper for the cobol program. This is the only way to run a cobol program? .
This cobol take paramaters by reference, and i’m not sure if this is possible in c :roll: . I’m going to investigate this posibility.

Thanks James