Local service development option missing

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I am trying to install Designer 9.5.1 on my machine. But I cannot see any Local service development feature checkbox while creating an image. According to the Designer Service Design documentation:

Am I missing anything? Is this feature not visible during the installation?

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Ninad Patil

hi Ninad, the Local Service Development node on the installer tree appears under Designer Workstation:

Designer Workstation
Local Service Development

If you aren’t seeing these two nodes, your credentials might be incorrect. In this case, I think you would need to contact customer support.

Thanks Marianne.

I think our license doesnt include that. Found a post:


hi Ninad, I believe Designer Workstation IS licensed separately from Designer, so you would have to contact whoever handles your licensing issues for you.

Another point - I passed on the feedbback to the writer of the doc you used to specify in the doc that Local Service Development is actually Designer Workstation > Local Service Development.

Designer and Designer Workstation are 2 different products and have separate licenses.
The later is used for local service development where you can see the Lock/Unlock options are disabled - which means you dont need it for local development. but you can always override that by changing a property in extended settings

From 9.9 Local Version Control Integration, Local Service Development is same.

By default it will select in designer installation so no need to worry it will added in your image.

Important: The WmVCS package, which provides the functionality for using the VCS Integration Feature, is deprecated as of Integration Server version 9.9. Software AG recommends that you use the local service development feature (Local Version Control Integration) to check package elements and their supporting files into and out of a version control system (VCS) directly from Designer.

For more information please check page number 106 and 107 and Prerequisites in page number 109.


Hi All,

The strange thing here is I don’t have Designer Workstation, as option in my installer, but I still see the concentric circle for local development for my Default: Localhost 5555, and after adding the below setting in ‘extended setting’ and adding the relevant plugins to designer I am able to integrate my designer with SVN


But, very strangely my colleague with the same image file and all is not able to see the option of local development:

I have selected all the option under the Designer provided in Installer.

What can be the reason of this discrepancy?


@ Murali:

Yes, I guess so as in my case I have Local Version Control Integration is selected and my wM version is 9.9. But, in that case why its not working in case of my colleague?