Loading NATURAL source into Windows

I have Natural for Windows v6.2 and received (from a client) a .TXT file with some modules (maps, subpgms, etc).

Can I load them into my PC and edit them?


Hi Carlos
The natural sources are basically just text files.
So the question is really how your client has exported the files: SYSOBJH/SYSTRANS or copypaste or drag’n’drop from another natwin.

You can have a look at the format and compare to the format of sources in your FUSER on windows to get an idea.

If it doesn’t make sense, I would ask the client !


If it’s a standard text file, and it doesn’t contain too many modules, use brute force. Manually cut/paste the modules into individual files in some directory, appending the appropriate suffix, based on module type.

NSP - program
NSM - map
NSN - subprogram

Then select the whole lot and drag/drop them onto a library in Natural for Windows.

To see other suffixes, select the File View tab of the Library Workspace and open the SRC subdirectory of a few libraries in FNAT.