load from config file.

I want to pass certain values specific to partners to the developer services using a config file/properties file. is there any service available to do that. thanks.

The use of the word “partners” is very important here. Is the context here that you want external users (TN Partners) to have the ability to read configuration parameters?


Do you want developers to use config/property files for Integration Server project packages and FLOW services so that they can read global parameters/configuration parameters that will be centrally managed. If so, then there are samples located in the WmSamples package that is installed (if you select and enable it) with Integration Server.

Look in the folder called “samples:propertyFile” - it contains several sample FLOW services that shows the interaction for using a property file.

You should also look at the config folder in the PSUtilities package from this site. Search for Knowledge Base article 1611654266 for the package. I have found this implementation very useful.