Listening for FTP get


I got to know that there is some event generated which publishes “pub.client.ftp:putCompletedNotification” document when some one post a file into IS FTP Server i.e when FTP Put command is executed by some ftp client to IS FTP server.

Can any one please let me know is there any document published when “get” command is executed instead of put command.

Or is there any way that we can generate an event to find out “get” command is executed on the IS FTP server.we have a requirement where once the client picks up the file we need to update specific db columns.

Thanks in advance.

I may be mistaken, but pub.client.ftp:putCompletedNotification isn’t published when someone puts a file to IS. It’s published when IS puts a file to a remote FTP server.

Sorry for the delayed response.Actually i have created a FTP port.I used WS FTP to login to IS server and tried to transfer a file .The trigger that listens for the notification got fired.
Is there anyway that we can listen to a get operation from client.Any idea on how to handle this will be really helpful