Listbox of parameterized reports only shows UUID


I’m trying to setup a custom CentraSite report which allows to select a single Application Object which the reports runs on.
Therefore i’ve added a parameter called “ROKEY” which is prepopulated by CentraSite when calling the report from the applications details page. That works pretty well.
However, when I’m calling this report from the general reports page, I expect to get a list of all applications to choose from.
The list of applications is driven by an additional XQuery (“ListOfApplication”) which returns a key / value set, containing the UUID and a human readable name.

When i execute this report from the designer everything works perfectly. I get a list with all application names.
However when I publish the report template to CentraSite and execute the report, the list is populated with the UUDs which makes it totally unusable. Seams like CentraSite doesn’t handle the key / value correctly?

Anyone having experience with parameterized reports?
Thanks and regards


        <scalar-parameter name="ROKEY" id="512">
            <text-property name="helpText">Please choose the application:</text-property>
            <text-property name="promptText">Application</text-property>
            <property name="listLimit">500</property>
            <property name="valueType">dynamic</property>
            <property name="dataSetName">ListOfApplications</property>
            <expression name="valueExpr" type="javascript">dataSetRow["key"]</expression>
            <expression name="labelExpr" type="javascript">dataSetRow["name"]</expression>
            <expression name="sortByColumn">dataSetRow["name"]</expression>
            <property name="sortDirection">asc</property>
            <property name="dataType">string</property>
            <property name="distinct">true</property>
            <simple-property-list name="defaultValue">
                <value type="constant">uddi:3b4d97dd-3169-11e6-86a0-c2314f4314ff</value>
            <list-property name="selectionList"/>
            <property name="paramType">simple</property>
            <property name="controlType">list-box</property>
            <property name="mustMatch">true</property>
            <property name="fixedOrder">false</property>
            <structure name="format">
                <property name="category">Unformatted</property>


just to let you know, I’ve got feedback from support - it’s a bug.
It will be fixed with the upcoming CentraSite fix: INM_9.12_Fix6.
The tentative fix release date: 3rd of March 2017.