Query Error

X-Application Version: 3.1.2, 3.1.1
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : NT, Win2k, Solaris, …
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1


I successfully generated a demo application using X-application. HOwever when I type in a value in the textbox, and i click on search,I get the results of another value. And the same results persist even when I change the query.
I am querying usingthe standard query(“/tagname/tagname/tagname,=)”
Is there anything else to be done? I am posting the 2 files, the accessorie1.xml and the schema accessories.tsd file. The collection name is: coll and the schema name is: accessories. can someone please try it and tell me what is going wrong?

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accessories.zip (1.93 KB)


my colleague and I had a look at our TSD and XML document. We assume that you expected that a single accessory is displayed and not the how document (accessories). However, X-Application supports currently only the processing of hole documents. Therefore, the search for accID does not return

Within the list page. /accessories/accessory/accId is displayed which is identical with /accessories/accessory[1]/accId. This explains why you see an empty list or the first accessory of the document matching the query.

If possible, change your schema by removing the accessories root node and use accessory. Generate the application based on the new schema.

Bye Christian.


with the new version 3.1.3 of X-Application is possible to request sub-document for read-only access. This means you can display the sub-documents, but cannot modify them because X-Application does currently not support the update of sub-documents.

If its absolutely required to have a solution for an update, we could analyze your application / schema. Perhaps, a plugin approach could be used to implement a sub-document update.

To get an idea how to work with sub-documents within 3.1.3 have a look at the simple examples of X-Application.

After installing X-Application 3.1.3 and starting Tomcat, you have access to the simple examples via

→ Simple

Here, you will find a link to ‘Browsing Sub-Documents’.