List of Currently Active Sessions


How can i find the list of currently active sessions and how to invalidate those sessions? Is there any API to acheive this functionality?


The Session Monitor Admin portlet provides this functionality. Browse to the following URL: http://yourserver:port/portlet/wm_sessionmonitor as administrator.

Do you still require the APIs as well?</yourserver:port>

What i am trying to acheive is that an administrator can see the list of active sessions and then kill any of those sessions - what i have done is that i am

  1. maintaining the list of sessions in a map,
  2. upon some event i am getting the session from that map based on the session id
  3. invalidate the retreived session

so, when the user refreshes the screen, he is taken back to the login page but the url is not properly set - is there any way i can change the url of the user - i want to acheive the same behaviour as if the user has clicked on logout button (wm_logout portlet)?

Once a user’s session is invalidated, you can configure what the desired login page should be using login page rules.

So, just to reiterate, the Session Monitor does all of this functionality right now, except subscribing to some specific event.

If you plan on implementing this solution, it might be best if you just had the source code from the Session Monitor portlet itself in order to understand how to retrieve all the current sessions and than invalidate them as well.

Could you please put in a request to Tech Support for the source code for that portlet?