How to find active pages and current page in workplace

Hello ,
How can I find active pages and current page in workplace .Also I need functions to close them. My pages are both CAI & HTML pages.


There is one function with IMWorkplace:

 * Checks if the page that is passed via the parameters is 
 * currently displayed inside the content area of the workplace.
 * Example: when switching pages only page switches are passed
 * to the workplace which happen on level of the current content
 * page.
public boolean checkIfPageIsCurrentContentPage(String subSessionId,
                                               String pageName,
                                               String modelId);

Does this help you?

For closing pages: use the endProcess() method that by default closes the subsession and removes the page from the workplace.


In my case I have CAI pages , pure html pages and some jsp pages…For CAI pages I can collect active pages and their subsession id’s some how.(By the way I guess there is no standard mechanizm to reach this info). But what can I do for pure html & jsp pages ? Should I always use them as subpages in a CAI page ?

Hi there. My question related to that problem is:

If I my workplace looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

How can I close that WORKLIST page?
Somehow, since it is a page with its own subsession I cannot really close that one with the following mechanism:

public void doLogout(){

	ArrayList activeGuis;
	String subSessionId;
	IMFWorkplace workplace = (IMFWorkplace)mContext.lookup(IMFWorkplace.IWORKPLACE_LOOKUP, false);
	activeGuis = this.getUserSession().getRegisteredGUISessions();
	Iterator iter = activeGuis.iterator();
	//checkIfPageIsCurrentContentPage(String subSessionId, String pageName, String modelId); 
	//Remove all pages from workplace		
		subSessionId = (String);
	//Refresh left function tree

Any ideas anyone?

If you want to control your pages externally , collecting your adapter infos in their activate methods may work.
But If you just want to reset your workplace , the codes below makes thinks easier.


start.jsp (just use it to redirection)