linking html file to numberous rss files

I hope somebody can help me please. I have a local rss.xml file called
in a html file and is filtered by an xslt.xml file. This works alright.

I now what my html file to link to an opml file so that it can access
numberous rss files. I can not get this to work, I have tried saving a
local file as .opml, and then as .xml and I have tried linking it to an
opml file on the internet.

Can anyone please help me with this problem?

Thank you,
Kind Regards


sorry - but I do not really understand your scenario:

- what do you mean by “rss.xml file called in a html file” ?
- how does that HTML file look like (at least the relevant portions)?
- how do you accomplish “and is filtered by an xslt.xml file.”
Are you talking about a stylesheet reference (<?xml-stylesheet href="..."?>) ?
- is there any reason why you have tested using the “.opml” extension?