Linking ADABAS 6.6 with Java using libadalnkx.s or libadalnk.s shared Library

Can anyone provide code samples to invoke ADABAS from Java using the Shared Libraries libadalnkx.s or libadalnk.s . I am working on POC to migrate COBOL to Java where existing COBOL program interacts with ADABAS.

I am using JNA to invoke the the native libraries but getting error “Error looking up function”.

I tried to load libadalnkx using JNA then invoke method adalnkx.

public class Adabas {

public interface AdabasCSource extends Library{
	public void adalnkx();

public void callAdabas() {
	AdabasCSource cSource = (AdabasCSource) Native.loadLibrary("libadalnkx",AdabasCSource.class);


I know this is not right code sample but idea here is to use JNA to invoke Shared Library

Your organization should look into purchasing the Adabas Client for Java.