Lightweight Ping

A valued customer asks:

There is a method that you should invoke called: ‘ping’. To invoke ping, you’ll request: http://localhost:8585?method=ping

However, when you browse to that URL, you’ll see a login screen. To ensure the lightest possible request is still being handled by MWS, but doesn’t require any user credentials, you should make the Ping DispatchHandler anonymous. To do that, as Sysadmin browse to: Folders > System > Managers > dispatchManager > system. From there, select the Permissions of ‘ping’. Go to the Authentication Scheme and select Anonymous and press Apply. Next go to the properties of ‘ping’. From there, supply an alias (for convenience) such as ‘ping’ and click apply.

After logging out (or using a different browser) browse to http://localhost:8585/ping?method=ping

This should put a minimum load on MWS while still ensuring that it is processing requests.