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Adabas SQL Gateway

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I am looking into learn more about Adabas and came across the SQL Gateway. Coming from a more Relational DB model. I thought SQL Gateway would be a great way to understand how Adabas works. Is there a way to an evaluation or demo version of this software? I am running Adabas DB, Adabas Manager and NaturalONE in docker containers and would like to create this.

To build a Docker image for the Adabas SQL Gateway server component on a Linux machine
That is found in the forums. I tried to put in a link but it wouldn’t let me.

Thanks for the help.

Afaik there is no “community edition”.

But it wouldn’t help you “to understand how Adabas works” because a SQL layer on top of Adabas shields you from specifics,
you’ll need to learn the basics anyway, the setup you have (Adabas, Adabas Manager, Natural ONE) is a good start.