LDAP Configuration

Can anyone please guide standard steps for LDAP Configuration
and sample steps to test it

Kind regards
Srikanth Mangipudi

There is no quick and easy answer to this as LDAP can be setup in different ways. I would recommend your setting up of LDAP using “Central User Management”. Refer to “Administering Integration Server” documentation and “Administering My WebMethods Server”.



We are trying the following:

To connect to external ldap directory and to get user details of a specific group.
However pub.ldap.bind is giving issue (saying unable to bind… error)

Is it something to check on AD parameters?
Do we need to set anything at IS admin console.

Is there any checklist to be followed to know if we followed right configuration.

This is tried (through flow service):

  1. Connect to ldap
  2. Bind to ldap
  3. Lookup for a group in ldap
  4. Search for a user in ldap

Error comes mainly while binding to ldap.

Appreciate response and further help.

Kind regards

Hi Srinkanth,

r u planning to configure LDAP from IS or MWS, attached document for ldap configuration from MWS, please refer.

Anil Kumar Ellendula
LdapConnection.doc (2.5 MB)

Hi All,

I want configure LDAP for IS. Can anyone help me the steps how to do?

Thanks in advance.


@ Guruprasad

What is your webMethods version?

Did you had a look at Integration_Server_Administrators_Guide

Version is 8.0.

After posting above, I have gone through the IS Admin doc and tried configuring the same. But I am not able to find the “Add LDAP Directory” under “LDAP Configuration” in IS.

Please suggest me something.


Can you share the screen shot of Security > User Management and Security > User Management > LDAP Configuration


LDAP can be configured through IS/MWS

In case IS:

Goto Security > User Management and Security > User Management > LDAP Configuration

Put your values over there, in case you don’t understand them take help of Network Admin, it suggested to use query on Group instead of entire LDAP

If you are using secure LDAP, Place CA certificate in your JVM.