LDAP Administrator User Is not authorized in Centrasite

Hi Guys,

I have Centrasite CE 8.2 installed, and the authentication configured with LDAP, but it haven’t permissions to see the centrasite configuration or change the authentication settings

How can I solve this problem?

I attached the evidence


Do you have a principal ldap user in your Centrasite administrators node ?
=> Managed Host/MXI02/Administrators/CentraSite

Yes, The LDAP user was logged as administrator but he haven´t permissions to see and edit the centrasite configuration, I think that I need to create a group in activedirectory with the name “CentraSite Administrator” and add the user to the group

What do you advise me?


in CentraSite 8.2, the default CentraSite Administrator has username “Administrator” with password “manage”, both without quotes. This account allows you to log into CentraSite Control and SMH (System Management Hub) as well. With this account you can administrate CentraSite and also define a LDAP authentication scheme. Please do not make it the default authentication scheme until it is fully tested.


Ok, thanks for the suggestions.
Make the change to the configuration of LDAP and now this is the result. See attached image.

My question is: how I can authorize or assign the relevant user groups Administrator is taken from Active Directory

Of course, thanks for your support