Latest fix patches for Integration Server 10.3

I am trying to find out what the latest fix patches are available for Integration Server and Universal Messaging Server 10.3. I am not able to get onto Empower at this time. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Do you have a valid account?
How if you using update manager to check for the latest fixes?

Kind regards

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UpdateManager requires a valid Empower account.

AFAIK there is now way to check for latest Fixes via Empower or UpdateManager without having a valid Empower account.

@Chris: did you ever have a working Empower account and its password has just expired?
In this case you can use the “Forgot Password” functionality to reset it.


Thanks for the response. I found out the company who sold the license to our company basically holds the keys to the kingdom. I am working with them to get the information. Interesting setup to say the least.

Hi Chris,

in this case you can ask this company to grant you download access to Empower & KB on their Customer Account Number for your project.


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