LargeFile posting to a webService


I am trying to invoke a application webservice by posting a large 58 MB PDF file data as input to it.Facing issues while invoking the webservice.Below is the flow that I am implementing.


  1. Using pub.File:getFile, retreive the PDF file as Stream.
  2. Convert Stream to base64format.
  3. Post the base64Format data in a string to a webservice.(Its failing at this step).

Getting one of the error while invoking the webservice. Connection reset

Below are the settings existing for large file handling in my IS.

watt.server.cache.gcMins=5 (Invoking GarbageCollector for ever 5 mins)
watt.server.keepAliveTimeout=1200000 (Which is 20 mins)

Also JAVA Heap is set to 8GB.

I am able to send upto 43 MB file to webservice without any issues.

Please suggest if I need to do any more settings.
It’s Urgent.Please respond.