Large XMl Handling

Hi rmg,

I am getting internal error while debugging the code. I have attached the snapshot of the code for your reference.

I am new to webMethods and trying do understand the large XML handling as one of my interface needs that.

We are using wM 7.1. Do u have any other approach to handle the large XML?

I need your help in this regard.

Thanks and Regards,

Well large file handling works pretty well in case of Xml document even in wm 7.X environments, from the screenshot i am not able to understand that when you are invoking getNextNode and switching on variable next… why are you trying to exit without checking the value in Next… if that is null… then exit should be used.

please recheck what the output of pub.web.getNextNode for you?


The pub.web services are deprecated and should not be used for new development. Use the services in pub.xml instead.