Large File handling using the Java Brokers APIs

As per the webMethods documentation - when encountering large documents, the JMS interface to the Broker provides file streaming involving chunking the message.

What I need is something similar when using the Java APIs to the Broker as we have a requirement to handle large documents and there is a danger they may swamp our ESB. Therefore are there any webMethods Java APIs I can use to chuck up the data but guarantee it will arrive at the receiving end reconstituted and with the chucks in the correct order? Currently I exploit the reflection offered by the

Hi Dave,

I’m not as deep into code as I have been but I believe the file chunking is unfortunately not available in the native Broker API - the streaming offered under JMS is more directly supported by the JMS API specification. You would need to do the chunking and reconstitution one level up from the Broker API if you need to continue using it. Historically this relied on the preservation of order in the Broker, so that in order processing from any one publisher would guarantee receipt of chunks in the correct order. There is a concept of a batch spanning multiple messages in the native API which you can use to help support this pattern, but it still relies on the receiving client dealing with the envelope fields appropriately.


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