Large document configuration in TN

Hi Folks !

In TN, in order to indicate the documents which are more than Certain size is considered to be Large document, we need to specify a configuration property in Admin console → Setting → Extended tab, Can anyone tell me what is that property

These are some main parameters for tSpace configurtion handling large documents


There is another paramerter for handling EDI larget doc EDIBizdocThreshold you can review the EDI Module userguide and TN Adminstrator guide for more info:

Thanks rmg for your help

your welcome!

I know that this thread is a bit old, however for the sake of comunity knowledge - I would like to add, that the actual property which helps TN identify of a doc to be large is below - which you need to configure in TN through navigation - Administration > Integration > B2B Settings > Configure Properties


The property, you requested for - will provide location for where to place the inbound document - after it is recognized big by TN, when processing the document.